Pali Compass / disaya

When we practice sending metta, Loving Kindness, to beings we send our energy in all 10 directions. Each of the 10 directions are based on the traditional directions of a compass.compass_pali_large
We send these thoughts in 10 directions (disaya): An illustrative compass is available

Puratthimaya disaya – East direction
Dakkhinaya disaya – South direction
Pacchimaya disaya – West direction
Uttaraya disaya – North direction
Puratthimaya-anudisaya – East-South direction
Dakkhinaya-anudisaya – South-East direction
Pacchimaya-anudisaya – West-North direction
Uttaraya-anudisaya – North-East direction
Uparimaya-disaya – Upward / Above direction
Hetthimaya-disaya – Downward / Below direction