9 Qualities of Buddha : Brief

9 Qualities in Brief There are 9 qualites ascribed to the Buddha.  These qualities are desribed by Pali words. This document is a translation of the traditional Pali.

The 9 Qualities of the Buddha:

1. Araham: Exalted; Accomplished One
* Far away from internal conflict
* Destroyer of defilements
* Worthy of requisites
*Devoid of secrets and evil doing

2. Samma sambuddho: Perfectly Self Enlightened;
* Knows all things by himself

3. Vijja-Carana Sampanno: Endowed with Knowledge and Virtue
* Vijja: Knowledge
* Carana: Virtue
* Sampanno: Endowed

4. Sugato: Well Spoken;
* Speaking Good & Beneficial things.
i. Good & Benificial: This is the way the Buddha Spoke
ii. ~ Good & Beneficial
iii. Good & ~ Beneficial
iv. ~ Good & ~ Beneficial
* Some may like the message some may dislike the message

5. Lokavidu: Knower of the Worlds
*Knower of the 3 Kinds of Worlds
i. Space
ii. Beings
iii. The relationship between Space and Beings

6. Anuttaro Purisadammasarathi: Supreme trainer of persons to be tamed
* Anuttaro: supreme or peerless
* Purisa: persons
* Damma: tamed
* Sarathi: trainer

7. Sattha devamanussanam: Teacher of Gods and Men

The Buddha was able to teach Gods and Men, and he made time in each day to teach.
* Sattha: teacher
* Deva: divine beings
* Manussanam: Men / People

8. Buddho: The Enlightened One
* Discovered the 4 Noble Truths
i. The truth of suffering
ii. The truth of the cause of suffering
iii. The truth of the cessation of suffering
iv. The truth of the path leading to the cessation of suffering

9. Bhagava: Blesses One;
* Having the characteristic of magnetic attraction.
* When you meet him, you want to go back to see him.
* When you hear him speak, you want to back to hear him speak again.